Carbon Emissions

0.12% of the World's Co Emissions
11.8% of the World's Co Emissions
23.9% of the World's Co Emissions
Based on Recent Reports

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World CO Emissions
The World's CO Emissions Currently Stands at Approximately 48.9 BILLION METRIC TONS or 48,939,710,000 Metric Tons.

China Produces
.23918838096 of the Worlds CO Emissions or 23.91%
The US Produces
.11839771833 of the Worlds CO Emissions or 11.83%
Maryland Produces
.00123621492 of the Worlds CO Emissions or 0.12%

U.S. CO Emissions
The United States Currently Releases Approximately 5,794,350,000 Metric Tons of CO a year. That accounts for 11.83% of the Worlds CO Emissions.

At the most recent Climate Summit, President Biden made a lofty promise. He has vowed to to reduce U.S. emissions by 50-52% by 2030, more than doubling the U.S's prior commitment under the 2015 Paris climate agreement.
2030 is only 8 years away.

China CO Emissions
China Currently releases approximately 11,705,810,000 Metric Tons of CO a year. That accounts for 23.91% of the Worlds CO Emissions. China's CO emissions rose by 1.7% last year while emissions from almost all other countries declined. China's GHG exceeded those of the US and the Developed Nations Combined.
China continues to build coal plants but has pledged to make sure their emissions peak by 2030. Yes, you read that right, China states that their CO emissions are going to continue to rise until 2030.

Maryland is Not the Problem
Maryland produces only .00123621492 of the Worlds CO Emissions. If Maryland Reduced CO Emissions by 100 %, the United States would still produce 11% of the Worlds Co Emissions.

Currently The United States Produces 11.83% of the Worlds CO Emissions. IF Maryland Reduced CO Emissions by 100%, The United States Total CO Emissions would drop to 11.71%. As you can see, Maryland is not the Problem or the Solution.

The Politicians Answer
The Maryland Legislature's answer to Global warming, is to mandate electrification in every Sector of the Economy. Transportation, Industry, Agriculture, Commercial & Residential Housing.

The Electrification of Maryland will eliminate fuel choice. Residents will be forced to replace their Internal Combustion Vehicles with Electric Vehicles and Convert their Heating System, Hot Water Heater & Cook Stove to All Electric.

Industries Answer
Industry supports decarbonization efforts, but believes that there is no, one-size-fits-all approoach and that traditional fuels, such as natural gas and propane, are part of the solution.

Industry leaders believe that Maryland Residents and Commercial Businesses should have the choice on how they Cook, Heat and produce their hot water. Choice, produces the reliability that Maryland Residents have come to expect.

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