Homes & Businesses -
In the Home, Marylanders will be forced to Convert their Heating System, Hot Water Heater, Cook Stove & Dryer to All Electric. The Cost to transition from fossil fuel to an all electric home is estimated to be approximately $26,000.00. The same would hold true in smaller commercial buildings. Converting Larger Comercial Buildings would obviously cost more. Costs will be passed on to consummers.

Transportation -
Maryland Business Owners and Residents will be forced to replace their Internal Combustion Vehicles with Electric Vehicles. Commercial Buildings and Homes will also need to have Chargers Installed so vehicles can be charged overnight.

The Inevitable Power Failure!
On of the biggest costs of having all of your eggs in one basket is the inevitable power failure? Power failures are particularly problematic for Homes and Businesses that are heated with electricity. Widespread power outages during the winter months and summer storms can directly impact vulnerable populations such as the elderly and the medically frail.

Without Backup Generators, Non-Electric Gas Heaters, Gas DV Fireplaces and the ability to Cook with Gas, Maryland Residents during a power failure, would be left in the dark & without the ability to heat their homes or cook their meals.

Help Us Fight Electrification in Maryland!

Coalition Partners - Maryland

- Mid Atlantic Hearth Patio & Barbecue Association
- Chimney Safety Institute of America
- Local 602 Steamfitters
- Mid Atlantic Chimney Association
- Local 5 Plumbers
- Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors of MD

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